Experience that matters

Robert #0148Training and experience that matter to you!

  • Market Knowledge – For any buyer or seller, having an agent who can correctly evaluate the current market is a big key to success.  It tells us what to expect when we are selling a home and calibrates us to what the right offer to make is. It even goes deeper than that. With the kind of market knowledge I have, I can spot trends and market segments that will benefit you the most.
  • Professional Real Estate Broker and Realtor – In addition to qualifying for my real estate agents license, I have invested in more study and more rigorous testing to become a real estate broker. That means more knowledge at work for you.
  • Negotiation Skills – There are few agents out there that really take the negotiation process as seriously as they should. This is – or it should be – an adversarial relationship between the buyers and sellers agents. My goal is always to get the best possible outcome for my clients.
  • Zero Tolerance for bull – Lets face it, this business is up to its neck in B.S.. I don’t have any patience for that, it just wastes time. That means I will not be a source of B.S. that you have to try and work through but it also means that I can serve as a B.S. filter for what we will come across in our journey to help you reach your buying, selling or investing goals. That means I will speak plainly about what is right – and wrong – with any property.
  • Problem solving – Finding the right property or buyer and getting an accepted offer is only the tip of the iceberg. Transactions are failing left and right in today’s market. There will always be some unexpected hurdle that rises that threatens to kill a real estate transaction. I have learned that the best solutions to problems are the ones that get put in place before the problem ever shows up. That means I know what to do early in the process to give us the highest probability of success. However, when those unanticipated issues come up, and they always do, I solve them.
  • Your insurance policy – Most people do not realize that by entering into a real estate agreement, they open themselves up to potential liability. I understand this reality and I make protecting you from possible issues my top priority. This means getting everything done properly during the escrow phase of the home purchase. So many agents delegate the duties of managing the escrow to others – they simply do not take the process seriously enough. I realize how serious it is. While I also have a team of experts that I use in many of my transactions, I review all documents myself to make certain that your interests are well taken care of.
  • Market Dominating Presence – Over 90% of home buyers start their search online. That is why I leverage all online resources to the highest level possible to assure that your exposure online always exceeds the competition.
  • Tech Savvy – I make sure that I am using the most cutting edge technology to make the buying and selling experience as easy as possible for my clients. However, I also use those tools to give my clients every possible edge in achieving their real estate goals.

Here are just a few of the tangible ways my experience will help you.

  • Sellers will make more – I GUARANTEE IT! (ASK ME HOW) – Homes I sell beat all the odds. That means I get my clients closer to or over asking price more often than other agents do. In a recent transaction in a difficult market, I got my clients 98.2% of their asking price, while similar homes in the same market were only selling for about 95.8% of asking price.
  • Sellers will sell faster –I GUARANTEE IT! (ASK ME HOW) – In addition to getting my sellers more for their home, I get it faster. In the same transaction I mentioned a moment ago, I got that home sold in just 30 days. The average in that market at the time was over 90 days! Faster sales mean less holding costs for the seller. Keeping even more money in the pockets of my sellers!
  • Buyers will pay less – My buyers tend to pay less than other buyers purchasing in the same market. I work hard to not only reach a good price, but I aggressively work for my clients to get other concessions from sellers that help to keep buyers costs down.
  • Escrow will close – My escrows don’t fail – unless my client wants them to. I take the right steps early to make sure that issues are either avoided or dealt with quickly to insure that the transaction will close.
  • Peace of mind – When a professional is at your side, issues tend to get dealt with before they ever fully materialize. I can bring that kind of peace of mind to your real estate experience.

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