An offer on this property has been accepted and all contingencies have been released.

16650 Finley Ridge Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037


Enjoy The Rarest Of Views!

A Drone Tour To Take Your Breath Away

You Are Going To Love How This Home Makes You Feel

It’s difficult to know where to begin with this amazing property. The views alone – in every direction – make it worth the asking price. What makes this home so unique seems obvious at first glance, but its most impactful quality is less easy to describe. What makes this home the place where you want to live, is how it will make you feel. All those things that we would dream a house to be, this is. It’s a place where all the stress, frustration, crowds and the million little things that nip at our heels just get left behind. This is a home that lets you catch your breath. It is truly a refuge from all the things that drag us down in life – something we all wish our home could be, but so often is not.

Every time you arrive, you will find yourself stopping, slowing down and taking in the view. It’s like having a little vacation or a place to go to recharge your battery – but you live there.

There are more tangible benefits to be enjoyed as well. Think back to the electric company raising rates, rolling blackouts or just turning the power off. This was a defining part of 2019 for many of us. Well, this home is 100% solar powered with batteries and a backup generator – just in case. Of course, there are the upcoming increases in billing rates. Not for you. No rate hikes, no days on end without electricity. You will never pay an electric bill again – EVER!

No matter what your hearts desire, this home offers you all the room and freedom you need to realize it! You can have horses, livestock or even start your own winery using the second well that is already available on the property! If you are a gun owner, there is a private range on the property for you to get in some target shooting! Prefer to create a guest house or in-law quarters – plenty of room to accomplish that! The home is located in a gated community and there is another gate at the entrance to the homes driveway to assure privacy. You are close enough to town to easily access all that Morgan Hill has to offer – but far enough away to be living in a completely different world!

4 Bedrooms

2 Full Bathrooms

1,800 Square Feet – Includes home only

Over 20 Acres of land

Oversized 2 Car Garage With Loft Area



100% Solar Powered Home With Battery System And Backup Generator

Parking for any sized vehicle, RV, boat, etc.

Free High Speed Internet Service

Private Shooting Range

Soul Recharging Views

Updated Solar System

The property comes with 6,000 watts of panels.  It is a 48volt system with two C40 charge controllers which includes a Kohler Res14k backup generator. Some of the most critical components of the system are less than 6 months old, including:

  • NEW Rolls S-1860 batteries – 24 of them
  • NEW Schneider Electric Conext XW 6848 Inverter
  • NEW Conext MPPT 80 600 Battery Charge Controller
  • NEW Conext Auto Gen Start Controller

System Professionally Installed    

A Well Appointed Kitchen

The kitchen was remodeled to offer a more contemporary experience. The open concept design kitchen offers a gas cooktop for the most precise cooking needs.  The quartz counters provide easier clean up and maintenance while also being durable and attractive. 

The island not only provides additional working space where it is needed most, but also serves as a focal point that nicely bridges the kitchen with the rest of the space.

A Stunning Master Suite

The master suite offers everything you could want in bedroom comfort. There are two large walk in closets to handle the most enthusiastic of clothing collectors.

The in suite fireplace can offer warmth and/or romance. Of course, the views will make this space a unique and intimate getaway. The master suite benefits from balcony that opens wide to the Northern and Western views that the home enjoys.

Views ... Everywhere.

By now, I would expect that it has been hard to miss the amazing views that this home enjoys. What you may not have noticed is that these can be experienced from every room. This home was clearly built with a dedicated plan to make sure that every room benefited from this homes unique location. From sprawling valley views that seem to go on forever to scenic rolling hills and mountain views, this home delivers on providing the kinds of views that most can only dream of.

360 Degree Panorama

Explore the views in every direction

Endless Views In Every Direction!

Click and drag the image to the left to sample the 360 degree views that this home offers. Enjoy dazzling sunsets and stunning night time city lights in the valley. Relax on your private patio or perhaps on the master bedroom balcony at any time of the day to see as far north as San Jose and to Gilroy in the South.

3D Virtual Tour

Take a virtual walking tour through the entire home

Photo Gallery

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