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Oct 13 2017

Interview with Damion Lupo, author of Re-Invented Life!

Damion Lupo talks about the biggest obstacle to your real estate success – you!

Damion LupoHold on a second. I don’t mean that you are a problem. What I mean is that the thing that keeps the vast majority of people I encounter for achieving real estate success is that they simply never start. There are always plenty of excuses. They will even seem completely rational, well considered and reasonable. Trust me, I know a little bit about this. There is not a single person in the world who is trying to hold you back – except for you. Now you can choose from hundreds of different ways that people do this to themselves. So what you need is a process that you can work through to help you figure out what YOUR SPECIFIC limiting factors are. Damion Lupo shares with us his new book, “Re-Invented Life” where he and his co-author, Christofer Ashby, help guide you through a process that is designed to help open your eyes to the personal truth of what you allow to hold you back but also to help you figure out what you really want and need in your life. The bottom line is that reading and working through this book should be  Step #1 for ANYONE who wants to fully realize “Success” in whatever you want to do – including real estate. Links:


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